When you go to bed at night or even wake up in the morning, do you find yourself immediately reaching for your latest book or maybe your mobile phone, ipad or tablet? Or maybe you need a subtle light which allows you to get ready without disturbing your partner.


 Bedside reading lights are designed with practicality in mind as well as appearance. These reliable wall fittings allow you to read with ease, whilst many lights will boast an adjustable head or arm allowing you to direct the light into a designated area, such as a book. Many book lovers rely on these light fittings to produce a suitable level of light so they are able to read with ease without straining their eyes. Some decorative wall lights offer 2 light sources with 2 arms used, 1 for a main light source and another in the format of a flexible head or arm as mentioned previously, which offers a more subtle lighting level. Many of these wall lights come complete with latest built-in led technology, meaning you can use them for long periods without consuming a great amount of electricity, whilst they are also cool running. The majority of the bedside wall lights on offer also come complete with independent switches, allowing you to turn them on/off with ease without having to get out of bed and visit the main switch.


Bedside reading lights are are used in millions of homes and hotels across the world, and are often the main port of call for interior designers when designing or decorating a bedroom. When decorating a bedroom it is important you select a fitting that works with your interior décor and furnishings, this is where we believe Astro Lighting come into their own. Astro Lighting boast a vast amount of high quality fittings in a variety of finishes and designs which allow you to visit this procedure with ease. When installing a bedside wall light it is essential it is positioned in the correct area, and a certain height relevant to the side of the bed, as it is no good having a light high on a wall no way near the bed, if you are want to use the reading light. Generally speaking the light needs to be installed just above or or at the top left or right of the headboard.


At WT Lighting we offer several options when it comes to bedside reading wall lights and we would be more than happy to discuss the options available. As mentioned previously We feel Astro Lighting offer the greatest selection of bedside reading lights, below are just a few examples of the designs and finishes available.


Astro Lighting Azumi Reader


Park Lane ReaderPark Lane Reader BronzePark Lane Reader 7465Park Lane Reader Chrome



Astro Lighting Park Lane Reader


Astro Lighting Park Lane ReaderAstro Park Lane Reader BronzeAstro Park Lane reader Park Lane Reader



 Astro Lighting Enna 


Enna 7547735873567357



 Astro Lighting Tosca


Tosca 0850Tosca 0699Tosca 7548Tosca 0849



Astro Lighting Fosso



Fosso Wall LightFosso 0756Fosso 0660Astro Fosso Wall Light