Sunday 30th October saw the clocks go back an hour, bringing British summer time to an end until Sunday 26th March. It is now noticeably darker much earlier and it is also obvious that we require additional lighting situated internally and externally around home and business properties. Whether you are having you tea, brushing your teeth or maybe making your way up a set of stairs, or even just getting out of your car and into your house, it is essential there is enough light for you to carry out your activity with ease.


Table and floor lamps are often the easiest and most practical way of adding additional light to interior areas of a property, providing there is a socket located nearby it is easy to add a table or floor lamp without any electrical work being required. If you are lucky enough to have a socket located nearby, you will just need to consider what design/style, size and output you require. Additional questions you may ask yourself are - Do I want my lamp to dim? Or do I need an independent switch?


At WT Lighting we have a vast selection of table and floor lamps in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether you require a modern contemporary fitting or a more traditional or maybe even an industrial designed product, or maybe you are craving that flamboyant crystal base to send out a stunning sparkle, we have something for everyone. Many wall and ceiling lights have table and floor lamps amongst their collections, so you may want to match the existing lights you already have in your property, or alternatively you may want to opt for something unique and stylish to compliment what you already have.


Moving outside and you may not be hosting those summer bbq’s you were earlier in the year and you might not be outside in your garden or exterior surrounding as often, however it is essential you have sufficient lighting to allow you to get in and out of your property and around it’s paths with ease. Putting the bins out or even just making your way into your house requires an illuminated area, otherwise this will be a real struggle. When it is cold and icy the last thing you want to be doing is trying to manoeuvre around your property not being able to see what you are doing. The procedure of adding an outside light to your property is slightly harder than adding a table lamp to you interior, however it is equally, or maybe even more important. You need to remember once the work and wiring is complete it will stay there. There are lots of different ways of lighting you external setting. Wall lights, ceiling lights, flood lights, decking and even bricklights are just a few ways of illuminating your exterior premise, whilst it can also give it a stylish appearance if carried out correctly. We have a mass of exterior lights to select from in a large selection of finishes. Pop into our showroom or visit to view our extensive range.


When selecting a table or floor lamp or an exterior light it is worth considering using led lamps – Unless it is already complete with built-in led of course. With the dark nights being here it is likely you will be using your table and floor lamps for longer periods over the winter months, so it is well worth considering purchasing led lamps, as you can leave them on for long periods without worrying about the consumption they may be using. We know it sounds obvious but if you are selecting a product with a dimmer switch, please ensure you choose a dimmerable lamp to go with the product. If you require any help in regards to adding lighting to your home or business property please contact the sales team via email – or telephone - 01782 319743.