Most houses are now installed with three core cable, a live wire (Brown), Neutral (Blue) and an Earth wire (Yellow and Green), however this is not the the case for everybody. The Earth wire provides maximum safety if a live wire becomes loose and touches metalwork. If this occurs the electricity will return back to the Earth via the Earth wire, blowing the fuse and stopping the electricity flow in the process, preventing the current from reaching the ground through another method such as the human body.

 If your house was built pre 1970, cable was often installed without the earth wire. If you happen to have wiring of this nature, when purchasing a light you will have to select from double insulated light fittings.  When a product is double insulated, this means that the product is fitted with double insulated lamp holders and connectors, meaning if wire was to come loose, it wouldn’t come into contact with any metalwork. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your fitting is safe and secure and installed correctly and in-line with regulations.

Obviously there is a smaller selection in regards to double insulated lights in comparison to earthed products, but there is no need to worry there is still a vast selection to choose from. When searching for double insulated products the code to look for is a square inside another square. If you do happen to have three core cable installation, you can also fit double insulated products in these areas.

At WT Lighting we stock a vast range of double insulated lighting for interior and exterior lighting. If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.