Dining Room Table And Kitchen Island lighting


If you are lucky enough to have a wiring point above your dining room table or kitchen island, there are a multitude of designs and ways of lighting your dining room table or kitchen island. Many people see this area as one of the most exciting places to select a light fitting for, as it offers them a height which they struggle get elsewhere in their property. There are a mass of different designs available to choose from in both modern and traditional designs, with a large selection of finishes on offer.


When you are on the lookout for lighting for above your kitchen island or dining room table, it is essential you get the spacing and heights correct, the last thing you want are your lights overlapping the edge of the table or coming down so far they are on top of somebody trying to work or eat their meal, whilst it wouldn’t look right if the lights were spaced too closely together or too far apart either. Another choice you may have to consider is whether you want a row of individual pendants or whether you prefer a multiple pendant, this option maybe made easier if you have existing wiring, for example if you have one wiring point it is easier to select a multiple pedant light with a single wiring point. The size of your island or dining room table will go along way to dictating which light fitting/s you select, another key point you need to consider when selecting a light is whether the fitting you are selecting is the main lighting in the room or whether it is more of a decorative light which is complimented by nearby spotlights, wall lights, table or floor lamps. Metal pendants are an attractive choice for many but please bear in mind the metalwork will reduce the light significantly in comparison to a glass or shade.


Practicality is also important as kitchens and dining rooms can get dirty and grubby very easily, this is worth bearing in mind when selecting your light fitting. Material wise glass and metalwork are much more practical in comparison to silk or fabric materials. The market for kitchen island lighting and dining room table lighting is massive and at WT Lighting we have acknowledged this by having a large selection of products in a variety of styles and designs to select from in stock and on display at our Staffordshire showroom. If you are in the process of having a kitchen built or upgrading your dining area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Below are just a couple of examples of where customers have contacted us asking for assistance with updating their kitchen and dining room areas. As seen below, a copper finish was integral when selecting the below products.



Kitchen Island LightingKitchen Island Lighting


In the images above the Dar Lighting Speckle and Sword ranges have been installed to wonderful effect.



Not everyone opts for single pendants or a multiple pendant light when choosing their lighting for above a kitchen island or dining room table. Many customers rely on spotlights to illuminate a room and on many occasions choose tiltable downlights so they can project light towards crucial areas such as the table or island. Another option which proves popular is a statement chandelier, this idea allows you to pick that decorative ceiling light which has guests and visitors in awe as soon as they see them. If you are after a sparkling crystal chandelier we have a large selection to choose from, or maybe you are after something slightly more simple to compliment your home or business' interior, we also stock a vast range of these ceiling lights. 


Below are some of our favourite ranges ;


Elstead Lighting Emery range


The Emery range from Elstead Lighting features pendants available in Palladian bronze, Weathered brass and Imperial silver finishes. This industrial inspired pendant collection boasts small and medium sized pendants as well as the wonderful 3 light pendant seen in the image above.



Elstead Emery 3 Light



Franklite Vetross range



The exciting Vetross range from Franklite, is a comprehensive range of glass pendant lights available in several sizes, with a large selction of different coloured glass to select from. Amongst the range are some unique designed glass shades which appear white when unlit and transform to a set colour once illuminated due to the way they are coloured underneath the shade. This often amazes customers and proves an instant hit with them. Alternatively if you are after a set colour or something more subtle, they also offer simple block colours amongst their range, whilst the translucent silver finish is wonderful for modern and contemporary interiors.



Franklite Vetross





Illuminati Terrene range



This Italian designed pendant range offers a collection of sensational looking products which offer an inspiring appearance, sure to add the wow factor to your home or businesses interor setting. Illuminati lighting have a large range of exciting pendants suitable for installation above kitchen islands or dining room tables. The Terrene range is just one amongst several eye-catching ranges such as the Jewel, eclipse and crystal bar that Illuminati offer amongst their collection. This is defininately a showstopper which will transform your kitchen or dining room with ease. Can it get even better? Of course, this exciting product comes complete with built-in led technology meaning you can leave it on for hours without worrying about your electricity consumption.



Illuminati terrene